Hudson Yards Master Plan

New York, NY, USA Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group Master Plan, Mixed-Use, Retail, Supertall, Transportation + Infrastructure 13 million ft2 / 1.2 million m2 374 meters Platinum (Goal)

The Hudson Yards Master Plan will dramatically transform a vast desolate space into New York’s next great neighborhood that mixes residences with offices, hotels and retail, and vibrant street life-creating the texture and feel of New York. The plan for Hudson Yards is not just about erecting tall buildings or bricks and mortar; it is about creating dynamic spaces to be used and enjoyed by residents and workers, and a celebrated destination for visitors from across the City, the region and the world.

Hudson Yards will be a distinctive community characterized by world-leading sustainability, affordable housing, and diverse architectural styles. Its streets will be lined with shops, restaurants, galleries, arts and culture.

A spectacular park destined to be New York City’s next great gathering place will unify the residential, commercial and retail structures and also link to the Hudson River waterfront, the exciting High Line district and the future Hudson Boulevard Park. New Class-A office space in the heart of Manhattan will fuel the future growth of the City and ensure it remains the global commercial capital.

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